Button image (material icon) colour

Is it possible to change button image colour?

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Please tell us more what you want…

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Yes if you use material icons so you can change colour

I have one image and one button in my project.
for image I can change it’s colour by changing “Image Tint Color”.
But there is no block like “Button Image Tint Color”

How can I change it?

You can’t change image colour . If you are using any material icon so take a label and change it’s fonttype to material icon and change the text to material icon text and make it clickable so if you want to change the colour of material icon so you change only label colour and it’s change

If you are using material icon font, you can simply change the font colour…

Not the best way. You can simply change material font in button and you can change the font colour.

It’s not wrong it’s also a alternative way .

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Oops, I edited the wordings

My material icon is in .PNG format and I assigned it to a button. So how can change its colour with blocks?

You should not use png. It might be blurry for some user.
You can simply type the material icon in button text, then set font to material icon.

For example, type cancel in the button text.
You can find more materials icon name on

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