Button open link across Airtable

Hello, does anyone know how to make a button open a link that is in airtable?

fetch the link from airtable database and then use activity started for opening the link


I want to connect it to Airtable since every so often I will be changing the link and I don’t want to send an update to Google Play every time I do it.

First, when screen initialize load your data from airtable and insert to variable or list

Then, when button click set

First of all remove the empty rows from airtable and try else you will not get any data from the airtable. If you wanna open youtube only mean, just follow the method suggested by Sumit Kumar(will open in youtube- away from the app). If not you can set to open in web viewer in the same screen , and the choice is yours…

  1. Get column from airtable ( Column name = Link )
  2. When Column got value do
    set activity starter. action to android.intent.action.VIEW
    set activity starter. action to (value from airtable )
    call activity starter .Start Activity

Do you think you can show an image please? I did not understand at all :B


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