Button Touch Up/Down pixel height


A variable to know how many pixel the user pulled up/down.

If this possible, then would these feature sometimes useful.
I hope you understood me :sweat_smile:

Do you have any specific use? Can you explain what you want to achieve?

Yes, something like to reduce/expand the height of an arrangement only with a button touch up/down.

Like this line:

Canvas should be used then.

But it’s not possible to use all other components there… :sleepy: :joy:

You need the position relative to screen or the button? and the unit?

I think it’s enough to know how many pixel the user pulled up or down

I’ll discuss this with our team as this will break existing button’s Touch Up/Down blocks if implemented. @Kodular

And what about a new Event block for that?

I told only if this possible… :slightly_smiling_face: