Buttons in title Bar

Good evening,

woudn’t it be great to add buttons like search or own menus (like the one that contains about) to the title bar? And even better would be to allow us to place an enter-text-field (search bar) or other components in the headline.

Thanks in advance to all Devs!

You can add your icons to Title Bar already.
I recommend you to check current blocks again.

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Extensions :roll_eyes:

Sorry, I overlooked it.

But I did not find an extension for title bar menus that looks completely like Material Design.

What do you mean by Title Bar Menu?

A menu such as the one which contsinw “about” and that opens if you click on the three dots. But an own customized.

You can customize 3-dot menu already.
You can add your options to menu even with icons.

This extension won’t work with Kodular


Even if it would work it is not Material Design. And I want to create new menus because I do not like this “about” entry.

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Ok, then don’t use the Options Meni, of you don’t wanna follow the answrrs we’ve given you or can’t find anything THATS MATERIAL then you can’t find a solution.

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Only one extension is suggested and this one is not working with Kodular

Ok but maybe that’s the Companion… Try it.

You can create your own title bar using arrangements. If you don’t like current Title Bar.

If you don’t want to About part, then don’t use it. That’s it. Why you want to delete About option? You can write in About part anything you want.


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