By The Power of KODULAR

By the power of Kodular …

  1. HR ( Human Resource ) … absensi, info, overtime, event
  2. Gemba / Finding…
    Finding ( with photo and form ) … auto report,
  3. Maintenance …
    MHE, battery ( pre check, services, log )
  4. Dock Management …
    Register vehicle ( truck and else ), Operation, monitoring register
  5. Inventory
    BA Damage, Audit
  6. Operation
    Conveyor Monitoring, Checklist ( paperless )
  7. General Affair

All with 6 screen only…
It’s great.
Thank you very much KODULAR.

By The Power of Kodular - Video

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Is this a koded app? or you have some problem with it?

What do you mean Koded App ?
If you mean that koded App is block koded app, Yes… it’s block koded app…

The problem of block koded app, is searching block that I want to modify. It’s just a little thing.
It’s help with sorting block by category, but it much more help, if there’s a grouping block feature.

I cannot Understand What is This as @OfficialDjJohn said Your having problem or Showing Your app

If Your Showing Your App on Community then Your on Correct Category

If Not it is in wrong Category

Question and Answer

  1. What is #KodedApp

Ans :- Koded App is a Category Where You Can Show Off Your Apps With An APK

  1. What is Discuss

Ans :- Discuss is a Category Where You Can Ask Help or Doubts In Community

As I understand it looks Like #discuss

Therefore I am Changing the Category to #koded ----> #discuss