By when can I expect that the get row in airtble bug will be fixed in Kodular?

For some reason, I cannot use 1A or 1B method (which was the solution to the get row bug by some experts), and my app is stuck in between! Please tell me by when will the bug be fixed!

Explain what bug you are talking about and what methods you are referring to please.

The bug is that Kodular does not returns the row in its arranged form, and the solution to this was given this:

Ok, Sorry for the delay.

I confirm this is occuring. And it i not isolated to when the data was entered in order.

If in a row you have three values: orange, red, green,

Row !: Set in the following order:


When you do a Get.Row 1, the output is Orange, Green, Red.

If however you change the content, (here I changed Green to Red to Blue), the original row order was maintained.

So as a workaround, Prime the cells in the correct order, with something that you can change later out of order.

I have a feeling there is a config thing in Airtable for this, but I could not find it.

Yes that is my solution. It is not a bug. It is Airtable does not appear to have an API function to return an entire row in the manner it is written

It sorts based on Cell Creation Time/Date,

I am looking more into it now.

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But in Thunkable, the code works absolutely fine.

In X or Classic?

In Thunkable X or Classic?