Calculate dates / days of week

in my app
I did the date calculation process.
The answer appears in a lebel, how do I get this answer and turn the day of the week into another lebel
I didn’t find anything on google

I do not know what procedure you created, for example using a procedure of mine

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Did you search here in the community?

Please , So that you can be helped, show your blocks. :+1:

look at the assembled block
I don’t want to know the current day
I want to know the day of the week of the result.
What have I done:
initial 01/26
minus 10 days
result 01/16
falls on a sunday, but it does not appear on sunday, but on wednesday the initial day

Try this procedure

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I can’t understand what you want to get across to me with these blocks
but thanks for the help

The above blocks once a date is chosen with date picker calculates the new date ( minus 10 days ). If that date is Sunday or Saturday returns the previous working day

initial 01/26 - minus 10 days is 01/16(Sunday) - result 01/14 Friday

I think it’s better to stop with this project, it’s too complex for me, so I can’t do it
I just want to thank you for your time

then I’ll see how I delete this question in the community

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If you wish pm me to unlist your topic