Calculating Peak Audience on a Radio App

But where your blocks record the number of users on the firebase database

Kindly help us all to solve this, I think it will be the benefit of all Kodular Community

I think showing number of people online is quite easy but you can not show number of offline users unless you have proper knowledge how user exits your app.
And this is where you will stuck.

Ok please help me to know how to show those are online

To start do not place an Else If

Place two If, since you are getting two labels at the same time

I suggest that when you hit the Play button (Sorry, I could not see if it has or not) add +1 to the value in Firebase, and when you give stop to subtract 1

@mahando754 , while your problem is being solved , you spend some time reading this:

When you use caps in your text it represents that you are shouting, and I am sure nobody like if someone is shouting at them…

I think his problem is not solved.He PM me and when I replied to him he is not answering.
Anyway I said him to test this apk:
Test.apk (5.6 MB)

is there any way how to define the column names in airtable programmaically.
which means from the app and note in airtable itself.
Any idea ?

no it is not possible i also searched about it but currently they didnt provided anyway to create column automatically.

May be this one can help:

How can a Spreadsheet come to track the users who are listening online?
Can you provide it clearly?

I have suffered a lot on how to track the Online users on my radio and I don’t know to solve this.

Have you tested apk I sent to you?
Test.apk (5.6 MB)
And do not create duplicate topics.
@Peter please merge this topic to this

Yeah, I have tested it but, I don’t understand if it is working or not because first it shew 3 listeners and secondly it shew 4 so I don’t know what was it because if I could have seen the blocks that you used maybe I could have proved it out.

See the inbox I have sent you


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This problem is not solved yet Sir

shouting! oooh! I am very sorry that is not my intention I thought it is grammatically typing rules.

but not I am under this level.

This block is used asuming you already have named your columns in airtable. this not what I am looking for.

that is why i mentioned “while it is being solved”

I dont understand why the two questions were merged even they are quite different. My request concerns how to define the columns names in airtable from the app and not manually from airtable as we do presently. I want to know if is there any way how to do it.