Calculating the duration of the user's absence on the discussion application, accompanied by blocks and aia file

Don’t you know which sites he uses to read the time from the internet to investigate that site?

May i ask why it is so important the user can not cheat? What kind of app are you making?


I ask to make sure that the site used will work with a large number of users.
Not preventing users from cheating

It does not use a site.
Phone time can be manipulated


Yes… you can. Also advised the same in earlier post, why not to take the system time

I have a question .
Is it possible to change the site from which we took the time through firebase, even if there is a problem with the site or it has become paid? It is possible to change another site through firebase without updating the application from the users

If another site also follows the same json, then no problem but I am sure most of the sites will have different json structures

We simply cannot do this with clock time​:confused:
When the user exits, the timer runs and when it comes back it stops and gives it the value

We will need an extension that will allow the clock timer to run outside the app.
is this right!?

I cont get you… actually what you want??i have suggested you different approach… in all you ate getting the timer only. even the app is closed or paused, or screen locked … if so you ate looking someother thing apartfrom this work…

The thing I want is to calculate the duration of the user’s absence on the application, but in a way that is not cheatable

Then follow the last aia, which contain both method and you can use screen2 methodology… do not worry about the email… already many peoples ate extracting the time using that ip method and we don’t extract time for every second… at the time of opening app or resume time only opening.

Based in the usage of your app if user opening hundreds of time per day then there will be issue for such user.

As said by @Peter , can you tell us type of your app

Thank you for your interest in helping me.
Do you have a support link I want to support you when I have the money.
Do you have an account with which I can contact you by e-mail, for example?

This time when manipulating the time of the phone the time did not change in the application!!!


show your blocks for what you type of change you made

Do you know which site this extension uses to fetch time

I searched for the extension and couldn’t find the site.
Do you think this site? :
Please, if you know information, tell me, and if this site you mentioned earlier is not the one that this extension works in, I will make this extension in my application because after changing the time of the phone, the time of the application did not change, and this is good for me

You have to ask the extension dev only

The strange thing is how the time did not change this time when the time of the phone changed without changing any mass

If you restart your phone, it will show the right result of your system time because maybe the old one is still stored in your phone cache or storage or something. To get the right time just like you want (and i understand why because i’m doing the same too), either get the time from the API once at the start of your app, and if it doesn’t correspond show the user a message that says he’s forbidden from entering the app until he resets his time to the right one, or host your own clock API! It’s not that hard and even if you don’t have a hosting just use 000webhost (free) or contact me and we’ll collaborate and do that API and host it since i have a hosting. :grin:

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