Calculator App : Give A Review

Hello Everyone…

After a lot of work,I have made a calculator app.Please check it out and give some useful reviews.I am a beginner, so suggestions will help alot…!

Download the app from here…

Also i am working on the second part.Soon it will also be completed.


Simple Design, looking nice

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As the developer has invested his/her precious time and lot of work in developing the app, he/she may not want to make it open source or provide the aia.

Instead you can try the tutorials already present and try to make that app on your own.

Edit: You can take the help of blocks already posted in original post by the developer


I like the design, very simple and straight to the point. But it doesn’t behave like a normal calculator when trying to use more than one operator in the same calculation. Example: try to do 10+5-8/2. Everytime I click on an operation button, it changes the first one I touched. In that calculation you end up with 10/582.

There are a lot of bugs:

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