Calendar App ( Paid aia )

Hindi Version:

English Version:

App Name: Calendar App

Platform: Kodular


  1. Best Icon and splash screen
  2. Sidebar with Home, Setting, Contact Us, Rate Us, More Apps, Privacy Policy
  3. Available in two languages Hindi and English
  4. Chose app theme colour in the setting
  5. Go To today date in one click
  6. Shows new moon, Holidays and full moon
  7. Show all years
  8. Best Ui
  9. Test Ads

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aia file available on :

Developed by aiacart and Amit Narwal

Thank You Kodular…

Note: There is not a separate version we can change the language of app by translation service and it has two languages Hindi and English

I always read in your apps description the phrases “best this and best that”. How will you know that? Have you won any voting competition or something?


@Amit_Narwal :+1:

Good app! Keep up the good work!

Maybe try to update the UI…

Can I make bangla calendar from this extension

Hi friends, unfortunately I made the payment but the download link doesn’t appear for me… could you please check if the link is broken please

Thank you very much
Sorry for my translation, I used google translator

Joarez Fonseca - application payment .AIA calendar