Call a screen made in the layout component of another screen

Hi everyone!
call a screen made in the layout component of another screen.
How to do this?
For example: My Screen1 has 4 screens developed in different layout arrangements.
Screen2 has 3 screens also developed in layout arrangements.
I want to call from Screen2 a screen produced in Screen1.

Is it possible to do this with one of the components below?

Please if you can help me.

Use “open another screen with start value”. Screenname will be the screen name you would like to open, and startValue is the value you pass to the screen 2, for example, when you make click on a button.

In the screen 2 in INITIALIZE component add blocks similar to this I paste here, where get start value is equal to the value you have put in the screen 1. You use the if then block to make visible or no the layout arrangement.


Try it and put here your blocks if you have problems.

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