Call Firebase Recycler list data

I tried this way and it didn’t work
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 05-14-24 CustomYT - Realtime Database - Firebase console
This is the database

I don’t think this is correct method of setting

You should set only the data and not any other functions in this block.

Can you show me how

How many items are there in this bucket? In every tag how many datas are there?

This is how the data is sent

When data is changed call this firebase tag data.

You will get the result in dictionary mode, then try to use dictionary blocks to obtain require datas

I have no problem calling the data, but the problem is displaying it in ( RecyclerList )

When firebase got value
Set recycler data to get value

On bind view use dictionary blocks. to parse the dictionary values into a require data

Sorry can you show me how because I don’t speak English so I don’t understand your explanation well

I hope I’m not exhausting you :confused:

No problem. Just show me the datas to be printed on recycler view clearly… in your screenshot i can see only a tags…

In that data which part, where to be printed… ? Show me in screenshot or blocks part to understand you completely

Do you mean this

Now as per my previous suggestion recycler would have created. Here in bind view use one local variable…

Set this local variable to select list item from recycler data with index as position.

(imagine - after the local vari)) Now in your hand first item is there , from this first item you try to split the data then put it in required places.

blocks (5)
Do you mean like this

Nope. You have tried it. on global vari. I mean local variab

Move on everything into global variab, and in the list place use selec list item (data) index (position)

Sorry I don’t understand you :frowning_face:
Can you show me the blocks?

blocks (7)
Do you mean like this

Noo. Can you share your aia ? (Demo)

taste.aia (2.4 MB)

there he is

I Will checkup and will inform you (now i am in gym, after reaching home will test it)

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