Call to 'gnu.expr.ModuleMethod error

I tried to research about this Runtime error here in the furom. I found one topic but already closed, so i create this topic and hoping someone can share or discuss this error.

Since kodular trying to fix some issue about the admob ads, i decided to disable my ads temporarily and then this error come up. No missed block, nor added or less, i just disable blocks of ads component.
Hope some can discuss it with me and find a solution

You have one extra argument for error says it

Thank you for ur reponse bro. But im not getting it, am i missed a block? but i dont have. I check it many time and every screen, now i can’t even compile my app to check it if still the error still there hehe.

Show us your blocks.

I have 300 blocks in that screen, which appears the runtime error. I tried to screenshots them all. One moment wait…

When it shows error click on your app except the error area it will run your app and know go across every option and see when it crashes or you can also Chech do you have any error in the block section, in block section at left bottom you will see yellow exlamation and red warning size , make sure that both are zero

I also faced that error.
I think you have used a procedure that is without any argument.
But somehow it is showing one argument and you have given it.

If you can not find that show all blocks where you have used procedures.

Thank you for your opinion and help. Problem solved. Solution by @vknow360. This error appears in a procedure which don’t have related function on it.

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