Need some test users for app!

I have made a Youtube tags extractor app using youtube api.
I have only device.
So I can not test my app on other devices to know what is the performance of app.
So test Youtags and give me some feedback.
If you can suggest something then your welcome.
Here are the screenshots:-
Youtags.apk (5.9 MB)

If you want testers, you should.

a) show screen shots,
b) show what you want tested,
c) install Android Studio so you can build simulated devices
d) use Firebase test function

I know you have been around for a few months so I will load it on an emulated device. But I dont know what I am doing or what it is supposed to do. You have to improve that messaging.


The post is updated.

I have tested it, got some errors.
Preview tab is working correctly:

Copy tags working:

Are only thumbnails downloadable?

Wait… this does not work. Error:

Share option working well:

At feedback, another error showing (probably a problem with activity starter, there is no activity has been set):

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Thanks for your reply.
I know about activity starter error.

But I am not understanding thumbnail download error.

Can anyone help me to know why this is happening ?

What is your source code? I couldn’t find that.

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Yeah, it seems to be a problem with an extension maybe. Blocks/AIA would be useful.

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I have solved the problem by myself.It was an error with procedure.
This was appearing because I have three or four procedures.I have to choose the correct procedure which has two input.But I had chosen wrong procedure.
Thanks @Daaniiieel and @Robert .
I have updated apk file.


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