Calling api using post method-web component

The body should be in JSON format. Encode the body

After encoding the error is still the same. You can check the aia and update

@gopi shouldit be like this?

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Hello @Peter, How can I add it to the community

Why is it not in the original topic? Put you info there where it should be from the beginning.

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Hello @Peter,

Thanks . Kindly assist with the recent query.

Anyone kindly assist

Why not just be patient?

use Do it to debug your blocks

see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
also I’m not sure, if the Web URI block is necessary

Hello @Taifun,

When I do it, I get the following:

Do It Result:

Also when I click the button, I get the following error:

The request content was malformed: Expected Map as JsObject but got “”

Kindly advise

probably a spelling error? providerChannel with 2 n
you might want to add a link to the API documentation…


Even after correcting chanel to channel, the same error still appears.

Here is the link to the Api documentation:


The URI block was not needed. Also the do it function also helped.

Thanks @Taifun for always coming through

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