Calling api using post method-web component

Hello Koders,

I would like to know why my HTTP post is not being completed.

Below are the screenshots:



The .aia of the project.
webtest.aia (3.3 KB)

I have searched all over and there is no where HTTP post is discussed in details.

Hope to have this solved.


@Kodular kindly help.

Your block are wrong

Hello @gopi,

Can you help me out.


Wait let me give you correct block

Hello @gopi,

Thanks in advance, I’ll be waiting.


Working aia
webtest (1).aia (450 Bytes)

webtest (1).aia (450 Bytes)

Hello @gopi,

The .aia is not importing. Would you provide the screenshots?

I can see it has worked. The airtime was sent to that specified number.


@Collins_Kathuli rename that aia and try


This is working blocks


Hello @gopi,

Thank you very very much for the Help! You’ve really saved a lot.


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@Collins_Kathuli you’re welcome

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@gopi check your Message inbox kindly.

Hello @gopi,

Concerning the help you gave me sometime back, I also need some further assistance.

Here is the body:

“amount”: 10.00,
“metadata” : {
“shopId” : “”,
“itemId” : “”

These are the blocks I had tried to call:


I will appreciate your help.

Thank and regards.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Check and confirm

What are you trying to do?

To call that API end point. Its a Mobile Checkout, with postman its working but here at Kodular not working.

What response code and error you get?

The followinfg error:

The request content was malformed: Unexpected character “u” at input index 1 (line 1, position 2) expected JSON