Calling API With Start Value:

Hello Everybody, Please if someone can help me with this:

I have this blocks that works perfectly for the 90% of the times I call the function, but sometimes they don’t work even using the same start value.

What could it be?

Hi will you please elaborate more clearly what exactly the problem are you facing and why error occurred when that happens

Hello, yes: Its when calling this cURL:

curl -H “Accept: application/json” -H “Authorization: PersonalAccessToken 224a677e58954ae…” -X GET “

“start=<get start value> &end= <global Hora_End>”

sometimes it works ok but others it fails like if its seting wrong the global “Hora_End” even if selecting the same values in the list view.

when do you call the ObtenerHoraEnd procedure?
which start value produces the wrong Hora End?

also take a look at how to switch screens correctly…


Hello @Taifun ,
Thanks for your suggestion, I implement it but still,
This API retrieves video recordings from a security camera and the “start value” send a timestamp with the time that the video should start streaming, and the “Hora End” its the time stamp for the clip to end (with my segment replacement im adding one minute to the start value). for the test Im sending I always use the same Start Value (Start Timestamp).
Please check the video: capture ScreenRecorder - YouTube
psdt: video made using @vknow360 screen Recorder](ScreenRecorder: An extension for screen recording) :slight_smile: