Screen starts many times

Hi kodular guys!

I have a problem with the Authme screen and maybe with the others, I have not tried them because it does not let me pass this one.

The problem is that when it goes from screen1 (which is a type of splahs) to the screen Authme it starts to start several times and when I try to put something in the text fields or try to press something, it cuts out because it starts again.

Maybe it does not explain me very well and that is why I made the video where the error is displayed and also show the blocks of my application. Thank you in advance for your help.

blocks of screen1 (splahs):


blocks of screen2 (Authme):


I have already tried it on both emulators and phones, tablets and even nothing.

You made an error, you forgot to close the screen and disable the clock timer. Try using these blocks in the timer -


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Hello, thank you for answering my question. When I put your block, when collecting as an apk it shows me an error and does not let me continue with the compilation. I remind you that the screen that you are closing in the sending block is screen1 and I think that since it closes it first, that is why it throws an error. Your block I put on the timer.

Thanks again for your reply.


Try like this,
When screen 1 initialise,call clock 1 timer enabled true(set timer interval in designer mode, also untick timer enabled in designer mode)

When clock 1 timer,
1.Call clock1 timer enabled false
2. Open another screen name & close current screen

I tried, but I can’t find a way to put the blocks, because when another window opens, it won’t let you place more blocks at the bottom hehe.

If you show us the screen1 full blocks, somehow we can help you

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blocks (1)

This is what i said in this reply… I was away from pc, so unable to give block


Update1: Thank you @ElMaxicero4

Testing time, if your app open again screen1 while you try to exit, replace the above block with this,

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@Still-learning I think you should also add a close screen blocks using a Do Result block to close the screens, that’s the recommended method switching screens…

yes, but ths block itself no error found… i am ready with that also… Anyway let me share it. If error happens, he can use that too

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