Why Splash screen image loads on every screen

something weird is happening with the splash screen. when i used the block given below, splash screen loads up every time when i open screen2 from screen1 and if i close screen2 and come to screen1 then again the splash screen loads up

and if i dont use the close screen option then the app is restarted when i try to close the app from screen1.

and one more thing i forgot to mention - this problem happens after exporting the apk. on live test its working prefectly.

if anyone know how to solve this, then kindly let me know.

I have the same problem…
between screens always loads up the splash screen

I wold like to try your apk as I have a theory why it happens.


Thanks for the reply Mr. @Boban.
It seems after the kodular update the problem is solved. There is a delay on loading screen but I know how to fix it. There are too many blocks on multiple screens that’s y I’m facing the delay…

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if you want to use Tribblehunter’s solution to switch screens correctly, then you should first open the other screen and then close the current one

Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen Method


@Taifun This is indeed a good way to switch screen.

But I tried something different and it also seems to be working. Pls take a look and give your opinion.

Like going to screen2 from screen1 without closing screen1 and when I press back button on screen2 then I just have to call the close screen block and it automatically send me back to screen1 the way I left.

The then if I press back button again I can call the close application block to end application.

This is a good way to do it, I do this method myself :+1:

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