White screen switching between screens


When switching between screens, between one screen and another, a white screen always appears. It takes less than a second.

I use one of the methods to switch between screens. I’ve tried other methods and it’s the same in all of them.

Is there any way to avoid that?

This is the method I use:

The white screen is no bug.
You see a white screen until the other screen is finished loading. There is nothing what you or we can do.
Thats android


Also, that topic is nearly duplicate. Please search before posting!

I’m sorry, but I looked before I published, and what I asked wasn’t there. As you say with that " nearly ", what it says there is for the component Splash, does not approximate what I’m asking …

That’s what happened to using the Splash Screen. What I asked is the switch between screens, which Mika answered me well. Thanks Mika!

Aren’t they similar? When app opens, it showing screen1 (with or without splash image). It comes with white screen. When you switch screens, the app opens another screen and closes current one. It also comes with white screen.

To summarize, opening a new screen on Android always happening after a white or gray/black screen.

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