*Splash Screen BUG*

**Dear Kodular Team,
There is an issue with Splash Feature in Kodular Creater .Whenever we disable the Splash Feature and launches the App after exporting it, It always shows a “White Screen” on the startup. Please solve this issue that will be very helpful to me and all developers.
Thanks !
A member of your happy Developers Family.

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This is no bug!
You should use google first…


That white screen is shown because your app takes some time to initialise. At that time Android is processing the code, at that time.

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It only shows White Screen when i disable the Splash Feature. So, please for the next time only give suggestions after testing by yourself.

Give us something to test then…
Our app working just fine…
Perhaps there is a problem with your blocks… If you show them then we could help you better

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Dear @AppyStudio,
The problem with white background is caused because of android’s cold start while the app loads to memory.
It could be corrected if we would be using Java directly by adding Delay to Startup by few microseconds. Unfortunately, correct me if I am wrong, it may not be possible in app inventor platforms. But if I find a way, I will inform you.


mine too shows a white screen after disabling Splash, I have made 7-8 apps all are of different kinds, still the white screen shows up, even the app with a single button and 1 screen shows that

apps without splash screen looks bad… bad impression to the users. i recommend you to use lottie and clock component to make a splash screen. Like i tried in this post -

i have used lottie before loading the main screen, still the splash screen is white, anyway i have designed a splash screen and i think it looks better now !

I have also that error.
Android KitKat:-
Some app stops after few seconds of launching and one app is showing runtime error java.StringBuffer.append(I think because I am using a lot of ’ \n ’ on screen initialization.

Android Nought:-
All apps are showing white screen and after two or three seconds apps get stopped.
Some test apk files :-
Velocity(9).apk (6.6 MB)
Information(5).apk (4.7 MB)

Guys! This is not an error! Android just needs some time to load your app. Even Android Studio apps have white screen on startup!