White screen on app start

When I open my app I get a white screen flash for 1/10 of a second. Then screens loads correctly. If I don’t close it, then go back to the app I get no flash. It’s only when app loads from start. I disabled splash on screen1.

It seems you set Some layout to visible ‘true’ using an animation. So you can simply set the background colour of the screen1 to Black.

Change it from the properties.

Worked or not?

I have tried everything I can think of but still has the white screen flash

I may just use a white background screen so it’s not noticable. It’s not ideal but at least you won’t notice it

Ya you can do that. But that’s not ideal solution. Let me get my hands on my pc. I’ll try to figure that out.

I was looking at my other apps and it also dose this too.

Same with me, but this happen with all apps that i have instaled on my device. Probably its because of the transition when you open an app.

evidently the android system is loading the app at that moment.

Create 1x1px image with the color of your choice and use it as splash image…


I don’t think this will work … at that moment the android system loads the application, and nothing can be done about it, adding a splash image slows the start up, most likely …

My solution for this problem is desabling the android animations on Developers Settings.

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FYI: Splash image is loaded at start before everything else…

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this can be a solution, which only works on the phone that has animations turned off. however, on the other Android devices on which the app is installed, nothing changes.

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however, trying doesn’t hurt :blush:

I will try a black image on splash to see if that works when I’m back on the computer


try, then let us know :blush: