Screen opening causes white screen in new Kodular

While using new Makeroid (Kodular) I am facing this problem. I have a total of 5 screens. Using Oreo 8.1. Redmi Note 5 Pro.
I am using Screen 1 as intro screen. Then I tried to open Screen 2 from Screen 1 (closing it permanently). But before opening of screen 2 a white screen appears which stays for about 1-2 seconds. After that Screen 2 opens correctly. Till now coded functions are working correctly except that white screen. What is the solution?

01.29 am IST:
Problem Identified:
The delay (white screen) is coming from View Flipper Component. I was using urls in case of list of images. I think the time to load was causing the white screen. I uploaded those images in assets. Then the delay minimized near to negligible. Bt still a delay is there.

bhrother same problum

Export apk and then try, See if the delay is there or not…

How big are your images in pixels and how many do you show at the same time.