Calling using the speakerphone

Hi all. By using the phone component or the activity starter I can call someone. However, I’d like to start a call using the speakerphone. Is that possível? How?

Thanks in advance.

If is Bluetooth connect able then use Bluetooth client component to connect with Bluetooth and receive the commands that come and by the specific command your phone call should be made using phone call component or activity starter

Note : your app should be open as kodular doesn’t work in background but if you want that then use background tasks extension by @Atom_Developer

Hi. No, I am not using the bluetooth component. My app has an emergency.button to call someone. I need that the speakerphone be on during this procedure.

But is is completely wireless or has wired option?

Friend, it is an app that has an emergency Button, that IS, when the user touches this Button the Cell phone Will call to somebody previously chosen. I Just want to know how to start this call using the speakerphone (louder). That IS it