Camera App using two button

I want to Create an simple application. There are two button one for front camera and second for back camera. When i click on front camera button then only front camera is opened no one can open back camera and when i click on back camera button then only back camera is open.

Please help me how can i do this please

I hope you can try like this but I didn’t tested it

For button set front camera to true
For 2nd button click set front camera to false…

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there is no property showing like this in camera

Yes there is not cause this option is deprecated.


Maybe this extension might have an option

i used this camera is open but i cannot click or save the image how can i do that if you can help me



Here is the same app with in built camera component
Camera.apk (5.1 MB)

Here is aia file try it and tell if this works
Camera.aia (1.6 KB)
Thanks :blush:

If not, you can make use of this post…

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I think you misunderstand his query. If he hit button 1 front should open

If he hit button2 back side camera to open.

In your aia, it opens camera and user need to change from the default camera.


i tried this aia, and got working in companion, oppo neo7 model

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