Camera preview overlay for photo alignment

I am looking to create a photo taking aid. I would like to apply an alignment overlay (wire frame with transparent background) in the camera preview to get a more exact position of the subject before taking the photo. I do not want the wire frame to be a part of the final photo.

so what?what can we do for you

I may trying to build a photo taking aid where a wire frame with a transparent background will visually overlay the camera preview so precise alignment of the subject object can be achieved. I have been trying to get this to work using surface view, but have not been successful

Show your blocks etc

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My issue has changed. I can get an image to appear over the camera preview like I need, but how can I get it to take an actual photo from the surface view without opening the camera separately.

Please , show your blocks or Any image from what You Want.

Thanks for the reply. The screen shows an outline of a car (image 1). it is overlaid on the surface view so an actual car can be aligned in the same position. once this is done I want to be able to take a photo of the vehicle (without the overlay), but when I call the camera it closed the surface view and opens the camera, thus I lose the overlay.blocks(1)