Camox compressor v1.0 Compress apk files now!

Introducing Camox compressor Compress apk files now! Made by kartik community

Website name: Camox compressor

Describe your website: It can compress apk files upto 10 mb!!
if your apk file size is 5-9 mb it can compress it upto 2mb
if your apk file size is 10-50 mb it can compress it upto 10mb

Privacy policy: Privacy policy of Camox compressor


URL : Camox compressor v1.0

Made by kartik community

#Camox #Camoxxompressor #kartikcommunity

Good but found error on apk uploading

Apk size 85mb​:point_up_2:
Also test in 8mb apk but same errors

Hi,there user thank you for using our website,sorry for facing this much big error this is to you that we fixed that bug now please try to compress your apk @techhamara91

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