Camox pdf reader #Camox best pdf reader [Discontinued]



###app description : best pdf reader fast safe and secure pdf reader made by our company kartik community


App Store/Download link: Drive link :

support me plz download the app make it your default pdf reader plz {my hard work}

next app coming soon


Camox pdf reader reviews

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I think you are using my free PDF Viewer AIA file. If so then I will appreciate if you give credit to me.

Nice app this is now my default pdf reader forever

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Really Nice App As A Beginning Stage, Keep It Up, Best of luck for your future apps.

no but your looks similar to my app which extension do you use i use kio4 pdf viewer
we are same minded with taifun and 5 more extension

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This is screenshots of my PDF Viewer & Reader same as third screenshot of your app. My app is about 1 year old.

Did you have youtube channel because I saw it from there

If you have yt channel thank ya I give credits to techy rajput

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He deleted the video I saw in about 1 mouth ago but I have its youtube channel link : Techy Rajput - YouTube
Is this your channel if yes so I can’t that youtube channel its name also techy rajput if no this is that channel that time in only have 4 videos on kodular thunkable but now he deleted all videos I dont know why

according to poll app rating is of == :hushed: :hushed: :hushed: :hushed: :hushed:== 4.5 thank you for such a great rating kartik community

You should also give credit to all the developers whose extensions you used. Do you do this in your app, nothing mentioned in this topic…

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@Kartik_Bhargava if you are using extensions or copying something from somewhere, please give credit and add a link to the source… this is how the internet works…

Why it’s a good idea to give credit by Corey Wainwright.


in app it is there