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CamoX Vehicle


This app can be used for tracing vehicle non-live number location and you can also calculate that how much fuel cost your vehicle will take to drive with very cool ui design Made by kartik community


Installation :

Link 1 : CamoX Vehicle Download [link1]

Link 2 : CamoX Vehicle Download [link2]

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Made by kartik community

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UI can be improved ! But nice


Thank you . I will try to improve it

Truth is bitter but it is better to accept it… What I think is that you would get very few downloads on this app as there are very less no of features… No one wants that their device is full of apps and you may find a lot of these types of app on app stores so you my recommendation to you is UI can be improved as mentioned by @UnknownMan541 and Add More Features to this… and must include update option is not yet… as this will secure your downloads if you will plan to make it better…

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