Can an extension help running app in background?

I want it like this:

On firebase data changed
If- user is using app
Show it in app
Show notification

Please help… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes there are some rays of hope that you can run your app in background. But there will be some limitations like your app’s icon will be shown in notification bar.Although you can hide that but not completely.

Not at all.This can be only implemented using builder not using any extension.So we have to wait for Kodular to implement it.

What about this?
How to do it?

It is not possible until your app runs in background.
Firebase.OnDataChanged event is triggered when app is running.

Or Can I stop displaying notification if app is open?

Which notification?

One signal

I don’t know much about OneSignal but you can do almost everything if your app is open/running.

Can we implement this in Koduar?

Can any extension developer develop a background running clock.timer

So we can use it like this
component_event (3)

I don’t know if it works or not…

Simple answer to your all questions is this:

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Waiting for background service…
Is it even possible for MIT App Inventor variants?
Can Kodular bring it before MIT AI brings it?

Yes they can.
But I don’t think it will come before.
It can be on the same time.

MIT already did it…

Please @Kodular
bring it as soon as possible… :flushed:

Did you forget to read this, master?

also, this?


Are you sure?
Have a look at these topics:

Edit: David is faster than me and my Internet Connection :joy:


I was mainly talking about Background Services
Please bring it as soon as possible Kodular

we’ve already answered your question! and it is not possible currently. @Peter close the thread please.

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You already said that multiple times. It is clear what you want. Developers have always said that App Inventor have to do this first, so that is the only thing to say about it.