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Hello Staff
I saw in the google forum of MIT APP Invento that they test a new Option (TASKS) Is it possible to integrattte this in Makeroid. Tasks are here to run things in the background when tthe screen is closed. I thing you know what ttasks are. This would be a greatt feature. There is the Link to te test Google Groups.
I think it should be possible to integrate this because what i know is APP Inventor from MIT Open Source or?.

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We did manage to integrate tasks/services into Makeroid a while ago, but stopped working on it because there were many bugs and we’ve had other priorities. The App Inventor team are currently busy working on the iOS version so no progress has been made on services for almost a year. Unfortunately, I can’t say when we will have support for tasks, but we probably will once App Inventor release it.

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Ok thanks for that. Thats very interesting. Good to know. If i can ask, whatt are your plans for the future. Did you plan to make an IOS Builder or not. What are the goal for the near future/ next update. And what are your goals for the next year.? That will be very interesting for a lot of people i think.

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