Can any one tell me How to make HTML video player?

i need HTML Video Player, Because Free video player extension have bugs and kodular inbuild video player have certain limitation so, any one know how to create html video player then please help me…

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Try It

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Have many html video player on the internet to make a html video player. Like video.js but don’t support all video formats.

What video format do you need to play ??

This Video Player Has No bugs Till I know

Video Player Extension

Download -

You Need to install Deephost App To Get this Extension

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Yes you are right, but @Kunal_Kushwaha wonder about html player.
I don’t suggest (any more) extensions that the developers don’t support. Maybe in the next Kodular update the extension will stop working.
How will you solve that problem ?

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Kodular video player is best choice…

Much bugs…
Mostly it d’not close the video on backpress… If you are using play/stop video continuously then it will not work(you can’t able to play video) …