Can anybody make an extension for me

hello i am a student and haven’t made any app yet. i was just learning few stuff and finally came up to an idea for my app but i think i’ll need an exxtension for my app. i’m from india and as i’ve already said i’m a student and can’t pay much but 5$.
i just want an extension to get payments using instamojo because its the cheapest gateway for indians. they have provided lot of stuff on their website. i think there are many developers around who can create an extension without any hussle. hope i’ll get some help from you guys.


why not using crypto

you mean cryptocurrency. no i nead payment gateway like ecommerce websites. :slight_smile:

there are some crypto payment gateway. wordpress uses bitcpin private i thing. theese payment channels work with api. look at that
maybe yoiu can integreate it.

how would integrate api in my app here, instamojo also work with api

then i think first you have to manage api of instamojo then this community would help you

You can use the web component to make request to the api