Can anyone help me in this please (facing problem in image hight in dynamic component)

i created this application this app is slimier to a wallpaper application where user get new images from air table.
and the problem is this every image have different aspect ratio and as you can see i want to remove that empty space from up and down side pls help me how can i do that i tried everything even i have set (-1) for width and hight.

and here is the demo aiatest(1).aia (252.9 KB)

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hey @DevYB and @yusufcihan i used your extensions, just want to confirm that is everything is OK in my blocks
and thanks for your extension.

@Peter sry for taging you here. But please will uh help me or do you know anyone who know more about this . Please

Set Cardview height to auto (-1) and image height to pixel / percent.

This the exact problem every image have different aspect ratio and i have thousands of images everyone with different size and pixels how do i know that pixle of every image

Set Cardview width -2

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You don’t need to know actually! While using Scale Picture Fit block, images will fit in the cardview as per the cardview height.

By the way, you forgot setting Cardview and Image width to match parent (-2).

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Yup but this gonna looks weird some of my image have 1:9 ratio .

Yup i forgot that in this screen shot. I had already did that.

Two simple example with image width match parent and a fixed height.


You can send the aia if you want.

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I made this application for a corporation soo i cant share that
But i can make another project with same situation… thank you soo much for your time just give me a minute

Sure. A demo aia would be good!

test.aia (253.0 KB)

here is the demo aia.
thank u soo much for Ur time

by mistake i added vertical arrangement not Vertical scrolling arrangement please replace that first in demo aia

Wait a while… Checking it.

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I’m not getting any images from your server. Check details.

test(1).aia (252.9 KB)

try this one i have removed airtable component now there is direct link available

Ok… Wait

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test (1).aia (253.2 KB)

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thank you soo much for your efforts but this not what iam looking for i dont want to change my image aspect ratio.
i just want automatic height for every single image with there height ratio
thank u for ur time