Can anyone help me to build a simple city information app

can anyone help me to build a simple city information app. where i can add information about shop. temple, hospital, doctors and many more important things . thank you.

And what’s your input in this app until now?

vaibhav, now i am trying to do it by watching a youtube video. it is very completed. i know some basic html stuff but it is out of my knowledge. but still i am continuing to make this.

Ok best of luck with your app development :+1: . If in doubt then you can ask here. We as a community would be happy to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:


You have to start something like Designing your App first. for that you dont need HTML or any programming knowledge. Kodular is way too good in its ability. But, just ask when you stuck on something .

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Do you want to implement these manually or from google maps


thank you so much for your support

yes i want to implement from google and i want to do some by my own also.

To create an app from scratch, you should make a roadmap for it. For this, you should create an UI design (not on Kodular but on designing softwares like Adobe XD). After you get the UI template that fits in your app then start making it on Kodular designer section. Now the task is to implement in the blocks section. Before you start doing it, make a flowchart that how things work or how does the user interact with your app.(e.g. when app starts you show splash screen, load certain data during the splash time and as soon as the next screen is ready to load, show it.) Flowchart can go deeper and deeper on the basis of things you need.
It’s not a good practice to implement the designer section without knowing what your app is going to look like and the blocks section without knowing how the user is going to interact.
Just research about the things like how can I store data in Kodular, how to use maps component and so on.