Can anyone help me to export my aia file

Hello my dear friends I am a teenager and don’t have much money to purchase the premium kodular account can anyone help me by exporting my app

You use kodular as free,
it conditions -

    • Up 5 extensions
    • Up to 5MB assets
    • U can not use any ads extension in free mode.


my dear friend if i can make that app under that condition then why do i ask for help try to understand

do you need more than 5 extensions? which ones?
for the asset limitation there are workarounds and ads noone really needs


Surely you don’t need one or more extensions.
Due to convenience or ignorance, many aix are integrated, for example json among many others

I have somehow made it under 5 extension and now I can export it but now a new problem is there in companion when I run the app live it’s works perfectly but when I export it and use it automatically crashes can anyone please help me out

How about you tell us what 5 extensions you use and publish your blocks, that could be helpful

the first blocks what i am using i am sharing

and the extention i used are

and the components whatever i used in this project are

Screenshot 2024-04-06 073411

It takes up to 3 minutes to load the screen, if you touch it it hangs and if you give it time you can enter.
I think you should reconsider the number of components and optimize your blocks, it is impossible to review them in the state they are in, I had to add another screen.initialize to be able to find the original, a total mess. sorry

divide at least some things into 2 or 3 more screens.

Your problem is specifically with the number of elements.
In your blocks use functions instead of repeating separate actions, as suggestions there are many things to improve

Use llogcat to find out what happens


hello my dear friends i was making a app in kodular and testing it every time in Companion but when the app was ready i exported it and when i installed it on the first page without clicking anywhere it stuck and later a message comes “app name isnt responding” with two options “wait” & “OK” and max of the time that app is stuck on the screen and i tried it in all types of device same issues is there but in Companion there is no such type of issues can anyone help i am sharing few block of my program from initialize screen

and the extension which i used

and the components which i used are :

Screenshot 2024-04-06 073411

the problem which i am facing

but now that same app in companion

You need to provide the logs so that we can assist you.

i cant understand how to do that can you just tell me the steps or can send me the toturial video

okay dear friend i am trying to follow your tip

Use Clock :alarm_clock:components to decrease the load of app to perform at a time of opening screen than it will not crash.

I haven’t given load at the where screen start but yes load is given when I am calling the data but it’s working smoothly in companion but now when I export my app

I don’t know how the companion works, but I would consider that emulation is one thing and the actual use of the system and its resources is another.

Send your aia file