Can Anyone Please Tell How To add all the values of a single column in airtable and then bring it to kodular

Can Anyone Please Tell How To add all the values of a single column in airtable and then bring it to kodular.
I want to add all the duration of videos stored in the duration column

You don’t give much detail. So in answer to your question, to get a column in airtable and save the data in a variable, to use it later, it’s done like this:


The data stored in the variable “valuesColumn” is a list

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It’s Not Working:

I want to add these values of duration column and then Get The Result in Label. Please Can Anyone Help?

First check your data is getting or not.

For that, Set label text to get value.

YOu are Correct , Data is Not getting, what might be the mistake?

Check api key, column name and other relevant information.

You have used string in the max Record…use integer value and try again

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Information Is correct and please tell if the field type is to edited as number type or text type.

I didn’t got what do you mean by string. Please explain a bit

Instead of text block use number block from math.

Like this

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Simply remove the text block which you have inserted into max Record and use the blue math block

On YOutube it is telling to do like this but its even not working

ohk now i got it

I recommend you to learn by yourself before developing apps instead of copying blocks from videos. That’s the real game!


Test.aia (2.3 KB)
Please see ths aia and tell the mistake it is a test aia.
And If there is no problem then it there might be a fault in the spreadsheet

I see that you have set the table name to IOCLectures and trying to retrieve value of the column Duration which is in the MathsLectures table.

NO NO Its In the IOC tabl also

i think maths field type must be changed to text type and the present block are correct or the one that are given by the_K_Studio Are correct because both are not working

So it seems your blocks are correct. You should check the API key and base ID. I am using Airtable in all my apps and it is working absolutely fine.

Table Link Above