Can anyone tell their motivational story i really need it

Hello i am from india and in spite of a lot of efforts and spending time on my projects i am only earning up to 70$ per day and i was planning for more and i invested more in google ads and done many things but still no response i want a living please help i am totally dis motivated.
Only thing i have is every user is satisfied by my apps and are very happy by our service and one thing i have a community which trusts me but i am not that capable to do something more.

your projects are good so you dont need to ads in google and if you want so use the google ads

For me motivational isn’t connected to money. I want to make apps that mean something to me or are helpful to others. That’s my motivation. I don’t want money for the apps i make, i give them to the world for free. Or the money i would make would go to a charity. Then it would be acceptable for me.


70$ would be a dream for most people


70 is way more than what most of us have ever made. I do not think that making app for money is a good idea. Do it for fun and passion. Sure you still need to make a living but with apps who knows when that is happening. specially if you put your earnings back on ads. find something else to do as you make apps. dont put more money in ads. let things grow organically. if it become high income then go full time. if you really love to make apps. do not quit. money should not be the factor.

I agree with you guys, and specifically I earn nothing from my apps.
But he asked for something motivational, and in this case, it’s pretty rude saying why he does something. It will only make he more sad.

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You say you’re from India. As per your information, you’re earning above 1.4 lakhs each month. That’s a HUGE amount!

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Yes its a huge in india

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My motivation is making apps for myself and thinking of them as useful and great and also thinking others think that though they have no access :joy: