Can be done? Mass diplomas through a csv

very good

I have a little idea in mind, and it’s not whether it’s feasible or not. Due to this, I am writing to you to guide me a little in the idea that I have in mind.

The idea I have is to create a PDF document through one of the extensions I’ve been looking at. But something more complicated…
One of those extensions that I have looked at (KIO4_Pdf), transforms the components that are visible on the screen into PDF. Since it is easy to capture and set an image as a background, we can use an image as a “document template”. The idea is to capture or import a document as an image and use it as the background of a component; and then, that the user himself could add, move and customize various components.etes (label and image) to personalize the document and if possible, fill and mass create documents with a CSV file.

To give you an idea of what I mean, it’s something like this:Agregar más campos a la macro de generar diplomas - YouTube
But that the user can add the fields, according to the number of columns of the CSV… and if possible, import an image through URL or import through the camera.

Thank you very much to all