Can Dynamic Checkbox Text be set to BOLD?

Hi all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any method to set the Dynamic Checkbox Text to BOLD? :thinking:

I’m guessing the answer is no. :unamused:

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Edit -

By mistake i wrote it only Bold, so corrected it.


Thank-you for your quick reply, but unfortunately, no joy.

i think, the property name is :FontBold :sweat_smile:

Yes, that worked! Thank-you. :smile:

Where would one find a list of property names?

For older versions of Dynamic Components extension there is a block called : getDesignerPoperties, for new version : there is a block called ListDetails :wink:



You lost me.

at the last moment i updated it but looks it didn’t got saved.
Thankyou for correcting it.

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This one:
Return all methods,properties,events of a component
Dynamic components extension V2
For older versions:
Dynamic component extensions V1.1
Returns only the properties names of the component.


OK, I got that to work. Thank-you to Addylin and Mohamed for your help! :joy:

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