Can Firebase be Linked with Air table?

I want to discuss that can Firebase be Linked to Air table?

Explain in detail what you want to do by linking firebase and airtable…

Single app can be linked to firebase and airtable

I want on button click data from Air table will automatically stores in Firebase

I think you can do it in block section by using blocks of both components.

how to do that?

Are you getting data from airtable to your app?

no I am not

Then call data from airtable by using airtable blocks and then store this data in firebase by using firebase store data blocks

I cant call data on screen I have to direct transfer that data

Which type of data you want to transfer?

Direct transfer impossible.
You can call airtable data and then save in firebase

You can make a separate app as admin app, in which call data from airtable and then store it in firebase.