Can i compile 2 or more java file to make extension

Hey dear :kodular:oders

I have a question that might seem funny but I am a beginner in this field so I want to ask that if I have created more than one java file, can I compile and create an extension from both those files?

If yes, How?

Help Will Be Appreciated

I am not a java expert…

But I think it could be done :white_check_mark:

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yes, sure broo you can even you can create hundreds of java file

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Yeah you can do it, ,the extension compiler will automatically compile codes if the package of other codes is same as the extension code
For example if the package of your extension is
Then it should be same in other classes you want to compile with it

or the other way to compile many java files and use is it with the extension is to compile a jar library for it

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Thankyou for helping this begginer :pray:t2:

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