Can I create an app like Cashapp or Paypal with Kodular?

I have an idea like cashapp is it possible to create such an app using Kodular? Would you know of how to make an app? That users can send money and receive money?

Yes, it is possible to create an app similar to CashApp using Kodular. Kodular is a drag-and-drop app builder platform that allows users to create mobile apps without the need for coding knowledge. You can create an app that allows users to send and receive money by integrating with a payment gateway API.

However, it is important to note that building a financial app involves sensitive user data and financial transactions, which require security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Therefore, you should consult legal and security experts before building a financial app to ensure that your app meets all legal and security standards.

Additionally, it is recommended to have some knowledge in app development or hire a professional app developer to ensure the app works properly, has a good user interface, and is easy to use.


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Would you know how to build such an app
How do I integrate with a payment gateway API
Also what is a payment gateway API

The payment gateway API typically includes functions for processing transactions, managing payment methods, handling refunds and chargebacks, and generating reports. You can use these functions to create a custom payment integration that meets their specific business requirements. This help to communicate your app with the server so it can complete the transaction.

Suppose a user send $20 to another user. For this transaction your server need to debit $20 from sender’s account and credit $20 to the receiver’s account. To do this you need to store value like userid , user balance, user name etc in your server. Now you stored these data on server, you need to integrate this api to your app. When user perform any task on your app those api will make request to your server and complete that transaction. Furthermore, you may integrate card gateway for loading balance in you app, to perform these various task you need payment gateway api. Not only these but also those api are used for generating transaction report from your app. Also you may create a dashboard for monitoring the transaction. These are some basic task that a payment gateway api perform.

Yes, you can use web component for making request to server. Aslo you can use different extensions for making the UI/UX.

I hope your doubts are clear now. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Can you show me how to build an app like this?
What are all the steps that I need to take?
Is there a guide to do this?

How can i show you the entire build process? This is a community, so if you tried something by yourself and stucked somewhere then everyone will help you but no one will help you to complete the entire process.

I don’t think that there is a guide or something like that. You may take reference from google for logic and backend part. Likewise, you can use Dribble for UI/UX as reference.