Can I make 18+ apps

Can I make 18+ wallpaper app. I mean its not fully nude. Just bikini wallpapers.

If you have to ask the question you already know the answer. :sunglasses:

Sorry but i cant understand you answer.
please tell briefly.
I dont want my app blocked after all hardwork.

While we cannot restrict you from making such apps, do note that you will be unable to monetise them or upload them on the Google Play Store/Kodular Store/Amazon Store.

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But too many apps like this are available in playstore :sweat::sweat:

You can publish them but it will be big problem to monetize them and you also have make sre your app is 18+ categories in Playstore and for admob you won’t be able to get any ads from them but you have other options you have to research And finally do not publish the app public because underage can see your app and accidentally download them so be careful about that.