Can I Monetize my inbuilt VPN App?

I have created an app by using Anchor-free VPN Net neutrality service, by this if a user opens the app he or she will be automatically connected to a VPN, and then the information that they will send will come by a secure VPN connection, I was just wondering, Can I implement Ads on my app for Monetization?

I have seen some Free VPN Apps that are monetized and they work just fine.

So, I’ll be happy if some clear my doubts.

Yes you can monetize your app.

Thank you for your time

Can you send me your apk?

welcome… Brother

@Yasir_Shakoor Sorry, I cannot it is not my App it is of my client. And I cannot share the information about the app I am working on.

But I explained how it works. :blush:

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