Can i publish apps on playstore if my app is using fb ads

Recently i got a mail that
Google is focused on providing a great experience for families on Google Play and wants to help make sure that any ads served to children are appropriate and compliant. Review our ads and monetization policy in the Developer Policy Center.

If your target age groups include children and you want to serve ads to them, you must use one of the ad networks below that have self-certified that they are in compliance with Play’s
ad requirement

Check this link- Google Play certified ad networks program - Play Console Help

I think this limitation only applies if you target young audiences.

I am targeting everyone,And as you say even I thought that first but it is not mentioned anywhere that it is only for young audience.

I haven’t used the Google Play Developer Console yet but if I’m not wrong you can set age restriction for your app (e.g. 13+ 18+ etc) I don’t know if this could help.


simple in ad provider set for all age and put your app in play store no issue.