Can I remove open in youtube button from youtube player?

Can i remove open in youtube app from youtube video player. Please give me suggestion.

Simply you can not.

Hi @mijanurtj, welcome to the Kodular Community. Unfortunately, as said by @vknow360, there is no way to remove the open in youtube button.
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there is a way to do what you want but it is useless. as when you will upload app on playstore your app will be rejected. because using a youtube video without youtube branding is illegal.

Can you please tell me about that method ?
I am curious to know that because neither I have a Develoer account nor I have plan to take it in future.

sure, i will make a guide on this and will share in community.

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Is it inspect element?

No it is not

using any other extension of youtube can do that, but there is chances of app rejection after upload

which extension are you talking about as far as i know no matter what extension you use they use youtube api to use video and video will always show in youtube player.

there is just one method which is not really used that’s the only method i know.

if you know any such extension then please tell us.

i sent you a private message, check inbox

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I will never upload it on play store. If you know the proper way then please guide us.

no But you have a alternative of that youtube extension but paid and you can also change quality of video

You can do it by :point_down:

send me also if its free