Can i resize notifier custom dialog box?

how can i resize notifier custom dialog box ?

The custom notifier resizes automatically according to the components inside.So if you want to resize.Just add some space component in the sides of your dialog, so it will resize according to them :win:

notifier custom dialog box is not working coorectly.
i have already set this but nothing is working

Show your blocks.

What happens exactly??

here is the screenshot

What about your blocks?And also a screenshot from what happens as well.I still not understand what happens :thinking:

Post the screenshot of the blocks you have used, not the designer view.

Don’t dismiss the custom dialog before creating it
Also don’t show a dialog before going to another screen!
And you are using OtherScreenClosed block wrongly as screen1 is your current screen as well!

Set the width and height of Horizontal Arrangement according to your need or use newline character and spaces to set your text inside the notifier.

the problem is, the app is too slow it takes too much to open another screen, so i am thinking to show a notifier which will good for UI

That’s because of

how to use this block ?

Don’t use it in your situation at all.

no, that’s because of i have around 200 buttons and cardviews

For learning , i want to know how to start a new function when any other screen closed

Okay when you use it consider using it to trigger action when another screen ( and not the current screen ) closed.For example don’t use it to trigger act0ions when your current screen closed.That may result errors for only some actions like opening dialogs :wink:

is this working ??

Don’t use it for working with dialogs :

when button click
open another screen. screen2

and i have to remove custom dialog when screen 1 closed.

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