Can I speed up and slow down the tempo for the sounds?


Should I remove all my players and make them with Django?

why are you using so many player components?
how many sounds do you like to play at the same time?
it there is only one sound to play at a given time, only one player component (or the extension) will do it… just set the sound source before playing

remember the DRY principle - Don’t repeat yourself


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Sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying. Zeten, I don’t understand why you closed the following thread saying I was spamming. I sent you a total of 1 line of messages, is this spam? And you closed the issue. What is the reason? problem not solved. It’s not nice to close the topic by saying you spam.

you were sending me a PM to get more attention… this is spam… continue in the community with your questions rather than sending personal message, so everyone will be able to help and learn from the answers…

it looks like you should read my answers again from the beginning and do some more tutorials to learrn the basics…

also you forgot to answer the question…

and the recommended solution is:


This does not reflect the truth you say. forum I don’t was asking for outside help.


And not only that, you closed the place where I asked for help by tagging me as spam. This is not fair. and there now everyone sees me as a spammer because that’s what you wrote. it’s not nice.

It looks like you are confused?
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I don’t know for what purpose he pointed with the arrow. I only sent 1 message and it wasn’t against the rules.

no, that’s not all. Then I explained what happened above.

anyway. your time is valuable. I’m Sorry for sending you 1 message.
I just took my chance since you guys are knowledgeable about sound. now it will be harder without you. no problem.

We prefer Community members keep discussions in public topics so that everyone can benefit from them. While you are free to send a PM to any user, I would suggest you do only if it is something that the rest of the Community isn’t concerned with.


yes i think and did the same. There is a screenshot above. There are 2 links in this screenshot. and asked to look at the link. These links are public. so that everyone can benefit. On the other hand, the number of messages sent is 1.

Should I remove all my players and make them with Django?

Now it gets really confusing.
You asked for a way to change the speed of a sound. I sent you a beta extension from me and an aia to test. If you want to use this beta extension in your own project, you have to import it of course.
I think you still need a lot of basic knowledge about how to work with Kodular. I really recommend looking for some basic tutorials.


yes you are absolutely right. I need to learn.

I thought I was making an app without knowing the code in kodular, I was wrong. I only have 2 transactions left and I took a break because there was no help.

Great job! I tested your extension.
However, that remains opaque to me. How did you manage the trick of making MP3s loop seamlessly?

Thank you for all DJango

I didn’t think it would be this hard to add a dominating speed to my existing players in kodular platform I will never do this :frowning:

There is no big trick:
if (DjPlayer.this.isMp3) {
} else {
My player based on the PerfectLoopMediaplayer. It uses 2 players, both loaded with the same Soundfile. If one player is completed (listener), the NextPlayer starts from position “0”. If file is a mp3 I just let the second player start from a later position, in this case an OffSet of “30” (ms) works good enough to loop for example a drum beat in a correct timing (determined by the Snare hit). You will still hear a little gap ( you will notice that the Bassdrum is cutted a little bit) The faster you play the sound the more this little gap dissappears. When you use it as a session drummachine this gap becomes insignificant. Because our brain is satisfied enough when a loop stays within the correct timing.
Second, I kept the actual player code very slim compared to the very fat AI player in order to get the maximum possible speed in code execution. At least I hope so. If we try the same thing with 2 normal player components and a clock that shows the current player position and then start the next player a little earlier, this will not work reliably because the code will be too slow. In addition, the clock component is not exact enough and varies.

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Ok, thanks for the explanation.
I’ll check it later one of my Chinese devices.
I suppose it won’t work there, see here:

When an MP3 file is created from a perfectly looped audio track (WAV), 50ms of silence are inserted at the beginning and 25ms of silence at the end of the track.


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That would be a sum of 75ms for an OffSet. But I know this would be too much as an OffSet in my extension. You can still use the Setter component to experiment with different OffSets. The “30ms” is based on my ears, brain and feeling of rhythm, not of any calculations :wink:

But all in all I hope that this beta version is stable enough in your tests, so that I can release it in near future.

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